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How To Design Injection Mold Air Vent?
Original: Original | Author: DGMF Mold Clamps | Publish Time: 2020-07-11 | 8181 Views | Share:
Appropriate opening of the injection mold air vent can greatly reduce the injection molding pressure, injection molding time, holding time, and injection mold clamping pressure, making the plastic parts from difficult to easy, thereby improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and reducing the energy consumption of the machine.

The air vent of injection mold 
How To Design Injection Mold Air Vent - DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd

It is a kind of groove-shaped air outlet opened in the injection mold to discharge the original gas brought by the melt. When the molten material is injected into the cavity, the air originally in the cavity and the gas brought by the melt must be discharged out of the injection mold through the exhaust port at the end of the flow, otherwise, the product will have air holes, poor connection, Dissatisfaction with mold filling, even accumulating air burns the product due to high temperature caused by compression.

Under normal circumstances, the vent hole can be placed either at the end of the melt flow in the cavity or on the parting surface of the injection mold. The latter is a shallow groove with a depth of 0.03-0. 2mm and a width of 1.5-6mm.

During injection molding, there will not be a lot of molten material leaking from the vent hole, because the molten material will cool and solidify at this place, blocking the channel. The opening of the exhaust port must not face the operator to prevent accidental injection molding of molten material and injury. In addition, the matching gap between the ejector pin and the ejector hole, the matching gap between the top block and the stripper plate, and the core can also be used for air vent.